Founder: Olivia Sanchez


Chezza Jewelry is more than just a small business jewelry brand. It's a symbol of:

  • Independence
  • Growth 
  • Grit 
  • Taking care of one's mental health 
  • Re-discovering creativity

Every collection is inspired by ways to make self-care and positive messaging the root of its’ concept. I am humbled to share my pieces and creative journey.  

About the founder, Olivia Sanchez

Have you ever experienced the aha! moment when you realize you can turn a passion into a living?

In 2020, after I left my unfulfilling 9-to-5 marketing job, I was threading beads into bracelets in my parents’ living room to wear and gift to a few close friends. As I was shifting between projects and trying my best to avoid a wrong step onto my jewelry-making tools scattered across the floor, I suddenly thought to myself, “hey, I could make a living out of this.” 

Months later, Chezza Jewelry was born.  

My name is Olivia Sanchez and I am the designer and founder of Chezza Jewelry. I have been interested in jewelry; making and wearing pieces since I was little and became obsessed with beading and bedazzling. But It wasn’t until Covid-19 began, I graduated from USC, started my first big girl job in marketing, and then quit my job that I found myself pouring everything into jewelry and starting a business. After a lot of doubt, therapy, mess-ups, self-teaching, learning from mentors, and research - Chezza Jewelry began.

Jewelry is my art, and as such, each piece is crafted and handled with the loving care that larger brands in the industry lack. I guarantee you’ll be pleased with Chezza quality. 

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a question or wholesale inquiry, don’t hesitate to reach out at my contact page.