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Fall Styling Tips


Fall is here and I've got you for styling those Autumn outfits that keep you feeling on trend this season. After taking a poll on Instagram, I discovered that 64% of Chezza Jewelry's customer base loves leaf and celestial symbols. You've voted and Chezza Jewelry has heard. Let's hear it for the witchy babes!

This month the Chezza Jewelry Fall Collection: Harvest Moon was launched. This line features pieces inspired by feminist witch souls, mystery of celestial elements, and the warmness of nature during fall. Here are some tips for styling your jewelry with other elements from your closet for all those fun seasonal events. Chezza Jewelry collaborated with Head Over Heels in Salinas to create these cute outfits!

  1. Outfit Inspo. for Farmers Market


This outfit features the ultimate cozy fall sweater from Head Over Heels and an adorable beige crochet style purse. I've paired some fun accessories to go with this outfit that include; the Harvest Moon Necklace, Fall Glass Leaf Hoops, Glass Bead ring, and the Cleopatra bracelet. I think incorporating some sparkle jewelry into your fall activity look is essential for feeling a little warmer during this chillier seasonal time. 

  1. Outfit Inspo. for Pumpkin Patch

You may have seen me set up at Borchard Farms' pumpkin patch for my annual Fall pop-up series. It's my favorite time of the year so I love doing something special to go a long with a fall collection. While I'm at the pumpkin patch, people are showing up in the most adorable outfits. So I've come up with a pumpkin patch inspo. outfit that includes a warm flannel, black boots, and light wash jeans (all clothing items from Head Over Heels). These pieces create an ideal casual, cute look! Some Jewelry to go along with this style includes; the Aurora Earrings, Turquoise Necklace, Harvest Moon ring, and White Freshwater Pearl Ring. I've chosen these jewelry pieces to add a pop of color.

  1. Outfit Inspo. for Fall Dinner Party

Lasty, this is an elegant ensemble for your more formal Fall events. If you're going to a cocktail attire Fall Dinner Party I've curated this look that includes a silk printed dress from Head Over Heels and the jewelry to match includes; the Sterling Silver Herringbone Necklace, Felicitous Necklace, and the Harvest Moon Earrings. So get those Cidertini's (Apple Cider Martini's) ready because you have the superb inspo. look for your next Dinner party this month.

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