June 27, 2022

Chezza Jewelry: Summer 2022 Handmade Jewelry Trends

Summer 2022 Handmade Jewelry Trends

Chezza Jewelry: Summer 2022 Handmade Jewelry Trends

The sun is out and we’re headed to the beach, on vacation,  and happy hour on Summer Fridays. We’re dressing up and feeling our authentic selves. You might be asking yourself, what will I wear this summer to help spotlight my style and fun summer vibe? Chezza Jewelry is a one-stop, everyday, quality jewelry brand based in California’s Central Coast. Everything is handmade to order. Check Chezza Jewelry out at a pop-up, market, or shop everything Chezza online (shipping available nationwide)!

We’re going over everything relevant, new, practical, and classic in this write-up highlighting this summer’s 2022 handmade jewelry trends.

What’s in?

Bold colors, fun charms, and textured elements. Jewelry and Fashion brands around the globe are experimenting with bright neon colors, fun sayings, and cute charms. It’s 2022 and we love the bold play with crochet, cherry earrings, and pearl chokers. We’re seeing our favorite content creators rocking whimsical and bright styling elements.  

The Wildflower Necklace,Lilac necklace, and positive affirmation pendants (Loved, Feel) might fit your taste if you’re into a twist on trending jewelry styles. 


Practical Summer Jewelry

We know all you want to do is jump into that cold ocean water on a warm summer day! Or maybe you’re dancing the night away at your best friend's wedding in Tuscany, Italy. So what is practical to wear for such occasions? We’re leaning towards Mini Mother of Pearls, Chain Hoops with that sturdy back closure, and choker necklaces (Glass Half Full, Prince necklace) with a back clasp. These pieces can be worn anywhere and everywhere. We’re also living in our glass bead Shine Bright bracelets that we won’t take off all summer long. 

Classic Summer Pieces

The classic Chezza Jewelry Mother of Pearl hoop, Puka Shell Anklet, and the best-selling Chezza Jewelry rings are some classic jewelry pieces that we just can’t get enough of during the summer. Comfort, ease, and cuteness are our priorities when it comes to choosing these staple pieces again this season.

Coming Soon

Chezza Jewelry is releasing a Midsummer Jewelry Collection that will showcase bold silver pieces and beautiful stone set necklaces. This mini collection is Chezza Jewelry's first luxury line blending European and American silversmith design. The collection launch is set for July 15th. 


Updated: March 01, 2023

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