How to Celebrate Galentine's Day

What to gift:

This Galentine’s Day, gift items that are not only incredibly adorable but will make the perfect accessory that your whole group of friends can wear and enjoy. 

For gift inspiration, we opted for easily pairable and affordable items like Chezza punch hole earrings, pearl rings, and sparkle bracelets. 

A continual top seller at Chezza Jewelry is the Freshwater Pearl ring that literally goes with everything and makes for a unique, giftable accessory. 

The punch hole earrings are every minimalist jewelry lover’s favorite thing to wear and forget about. Look cute without even thinking about it. You won’t even have to worry about taking your earrings out at night. 

So ditch the cheezy gold plated friendship bracelets and go for a classic look that you will wear every day because you probably would’ve purchased it for yourself anyways. 


You may have seen endless Tiktoks and IG reels showing a dreamy picnic scene featuring an adorable cake being scooped up by wine glasses and thought to yourself, "when might be the perfect excuse to plan such an event with my gal pals?" Well, now's the time!

Here are some fun Galentine's activities to consider this year:

Go for a picnic: Bundle up, head to the beach on a Saturday close to sunset. Grab a heart shaped cake from Whole Foods on the way there!

Dinner Party: We're all feeling a bit chilly with this winter weather and cooking a fancy roast and inviting your best friends sounds like the perfect way to warm up. 

Movie Night: Throw on a classic Rom Com like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and buy some fancy toppings and salts to throw on your popcorn.  

Cocktail party: Invite the gals over and make your fav cocktail. I'm currently obsessed with pomegranate martini's. Here's a recipe for an amazing one HERE.

Brunch it up: Plan a brunch date with your bffs one of my fav spots locally is... Pangea Grill in Carmel By the Sea.

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