July 26, 2022

Best Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

    There are 4 main questions to ask yourself when picking the jewelry you’ll bring on your summer vacation: Are they day-to-night pieces? Did I b...

Best Tips for Traveling with Jewelry



There are 4 main questions to ask yourself when picking the jewelry you’ll bring on your summer vacation:

Are they day-to-night pieces? Did I bring my everyday Chezza to match with new jewelry I might buy in (insert trip destination)? Does my jewelry match the vibe of my summer destination?  Will these pieces break the bank if anything happens to them on my trip?

As a seasoned traveler having traveled to Asia, Europe, Latin America, and states across the US. I've narrowed down the main questions I ask myself while packing accessories for a trip. I've consolidated Chezza Jewelry pieces into each category and I'll tell you why they are a good fit for what’s in question. 


1. Are they a good day to night piece?

Bring jewelry you can wear during your day time adventures and don't have to change for your night time activities.

While traveling, you might be away from your base point (hotel, family/friends' house, hostel, or Airbnb) for extended amounts of time depending on your agenda. So it’s important to bring jewelry you can wear not only to the museum or walk through the city but also out to dinner. The Chain Hoops and Glimmer Earrings are great accessories for both day and night looks. You can bring an extra top to change into for dinner but we all know how annoying it can be to store your earrings in that open pocket in your purse. The Prince Necklace and Felicitous Necklace are also great pieces for wearing during the day and out at night. The Prince has a super luminous purple coin pearl and the sunstone on the felicitous necklace sparkles in the sunlight and looks gorgeous even under the dim lights in a restaurant. 




    2. Did I bring my everyday jewelry?

    Wear your everyday jewelry to match with new finds you'll buy on your trip.

    If you’re a creature of habit I know you’ll already be wearing your Custom Initial Necklace, Link Chain Bracelet, Positive Affirmation Pendant, and/or Herringbone Chain Necklace before you step foot on the plane. You may also be looking for a new piece in the country of your destination to pair with your everyday Chezza. We love a good sentimental vacation jewelry pick. It’s always nice to try on a new piece of jewelry with your everyday pieces to make sure they go with your aesthetic.


    3. Does my jewelry fit the vibe of my trip?

    Bring Jewelry according to the outfits and country you are visiting. 

    Depending on the type of trip you’re taking, you know you’ll be bringing specific jewelry pieces to match your island, big city, or Italian summer look. If you’re going for a tropical feel, the Mother of Pearl Hoops and Summer Stacker Bracelets are ideal to match with your bikini and shorts or bright-colored dress. If you're headed to New York we’re thinking the Wildflower Earrings or Keep Us Together Necklace to show off your unique sense of style in the big city. Maybe you live in California and are headed to Ojai for a long weekend. The Last Leaf and Aurora necklace are the perfect pieces for a minimal rustic feel.



    4. What if something happens to my jewelry?

    You might want to opt for bringing your more affordable pieces when traveling!

    If you’re not the most organized girly you may not want to bring some of your high-priced Chezza pieces on your trip because you have a habit of leaving behind items when switching hotels (guilty). Maybe bring the Colorful Pearl earrings, Mini Mothers, and Chezza rings. Super stylish and easy to wear. Also, if you loose them ( knock on wood) you won’t beat yourself up too much at the end of the trip (although still a bummer). Luckily, Chezza Jewelry is coming out with the Radiant Jewelry pouches to help you store your precious items in! Coming Soon! 

    Updated: July 26, 2022

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