Know How: Taking Care of Gold-filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry

 Chezza Jewelry is made from quality Gold-filled or Sterling Silver material.

One of the most common questions I get is: will my jewelry tarnish?

Gold-filled is typically marketed as "Sweat-proof" jewelry because of its durability against elements such as water and sweat compared to gold-plated jewelry which tarnishes quickly and often leaves a green residue on your body. 

Gold-filled metal is actually mechanically bonded to a base metal which creates a stronger and more tarnish resistant surface (Rio Grande).  

Although gold-filled is a fantastic mid-grade metal that looks like gold, one thing to remember is that it is not solid gold. Otherwise, the price point would be much much higher. Water, sweat, and exposure to the sun are fine for your gold-filled jewelry. However, exposure to chemicals such as those found in the pool can affect the longevity of your gold-filled pieces. One dip in the hot tub is not going to ruin your jewelry. Just don't make it a regular thing. Additionally, salt is naturally corrosive to metal. Excessive exposure to ocean water can also affect the longevity of your piece. Have fun wearing your jewelry. But remember that it is jewelry and to take care of it just as you do with your lululemon pants and leather boots!

So what's the deal with sterling silver? Well, sterling silver does oxidize. Fortunately, sterling silver cleaner exists. Just buff up your jewelry with a bit of cleaner if you start to see it darken and your jewelry will return to its shiny self! I polish Chezza Jewelry silver pieces with museum-grade wax to keep the silver shine from oxidizing as long as possible. 

Can I wear Chezza Jewelry if my skin is sensitive?

I believe in total transparency, all metals are going to react differently with different skin types: I've met people who are allergic to all metals and can't wear most jewelry. I've also met people who can wear anything except for gold-plated. Maybe consider trying out different metal jewelry to see what works best for you.

Typically, people are sensitive to nickel which is commonly found in gold plated jewelry. Many people find that silver and gold-filled are fine to wear when they have sensitive skin. 

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Store your jewelry in dry places. Additionally, avoid sharp edges to protect your pearls and stones from scratching. I provide Chezza Jewelry satin baggies when you purchase for you to keep your jewelry in. However, don't put more than one necklace in your baggy to avoid tangling.  

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