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Top 3 Best Monterey Wedding Venues

Monterey Wedding Venues for a Rustic Barn Theme, Beach View, and Intimate Charm!  

Recommendations from a local

Here in Monterey, we have plenty of stunning venues that will ensure your wedding is one that your guests won't forget. From outdoor spaces with sweeping views to indoor locales dripping with charm and elegance, Monterey has wedding venues for everyone. After attending a few weddings myself and living in the Monterey County area for most of my life I have compiled a list of 3 Monterey, CA wedding venues according to different popular themes for the special day. Take a look at recommendations from a local: 

Barn Wedding: Cooper Molera

The Barns at Cooper Molera located in downtown Monterey is the ideal space to have a Rustic, yet elegant barn-style wedding. The renovated barns are surrounded by a beautiful garden and the space is considered a historic landmark. This Monterey wedding venue is unforgettable and has quickly become a popular venue.

Wedding with an Ocean View: Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa 

For couples who dream of a waterfront wedding venue, a spectacular backdrop overlooking Monterey Bay is offered by Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, located on Cannery Row. Talk about serene and romantic to say your vows on the plaza terrace with ocean sounds in the background. 

Intimate Wedding: Perry House

For a more intimate gathering, the Perry House in Monterey is magical - it’s a victorian style house with great views of Monterey bay. A perfect spot for holding quaint and romantic weddings in its gorgeous garden setting and historic, yet elegant and refined space. This is a great medium-small Monterey wedding venue.

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